Four guys on a booze soaked mission

Once upon a dark winter’s eve, four men set out to create an epic talk-marathon, discussing films of a particular nature; films of rehashed or re-imagined origin; films that bastardise the sanctity of cinema; films that enrage more often than delight. Sequels, prequels, reboots, remakes, and the occasional adaptation. 
Setting off on a seventeen-week long cruise, aboard the SS Foreshadowing, where they had access to the ship’s entire alcohol section, they came across a machine. Perhaps naively, they pushed a large [REC] button, assuming the machine would malfunction into a heap of scrap-wreckage; bartering tools for any tradesmen they may meet along the way. With no action seemingly noticeable, they decided to carry on as planned, with alcohol in hand to overcome the disappointing event of day one. 
And that, as the legend goes, is how the first ever PodCast was created. 
As for the men, who knows? These recordings are all that remains of their legacy. Men, women, and children have wept at the men’s mystical departure from the world, yet the listening public regale weekly at being able to listen to the docile tones of their beloved adventures just one more time.

...or we just like talking about films 'n' stuff


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