A Year Of Podcasting Special: Highlights

This week we get all self referential with a short episode where we explore what, when, why, where and how we got to a year of podcasting.   David prepares, Kieron doesn't, George doesn't know what we're talking about and Craig gets frustrated at our answers.   A must for any new listeners who haven't got a clue what episodes are worth listening.   A very funny highlights show.   No we don't reboot the podcast, much to Kieron's disappointment.   And SPE Podcast will return next week with... A film that I honestly can't remember right now.   I haven't edited it.   I'm doing this is the cold wind whilst I wait for my train and to be honest my fingers are really cold... 

If you want to hear what we've removed (for length, not quality,) along with stuff from other episodes, special Minisodes and maybe some other special things go to:


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