Episode 33; Transformers: Age of Extinction

This week David and George get into the what, where, how, why and when the saga that is the Transformers series will end. Apparently not with transformers 4. Kieron has far too much fun editing in the Transformers theme tune? And doesn't have any fun editing out David's swears... Seriously, I'm sorry if any get through... There's just so f**king many! Craig, despite not having enough time to come down and do the episode, makes a guest appearance and REVEALS OUR SECRETS. Or does he? And will we actually be able to release every week when Kieron is off on holiday and we currently don't have enough time to get through... Coming soon on SPE Podcast... Either they release their own one while he's away, or plan B. I assume no ones actually reading this. If you are, what do you want plan B to be? Tweet me @kjcj15 

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